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Open Enrollment can be an overwhelming time for employees.  They often dread having to select or modify benefits because it feels complicated and disorienting.  Many have even admitted to making costly mistakes in past open enrollment seasons because they did not understand the benefits offered.  To set your employees up for success, you want to ensure they are educated about their benefit options and engaged in the open enrollment process.  Here are a few tips to help everyone make the most of open enrollment this year.

  1. Communicate Early and Often - It is important to communicate with employees about benefits throughout the year rather than just flooding them with information during open enrollment season.  Promote resources and events as they become available.  Constant communication provides employees with the education, resources and confidence to make informed benefit decisions.
  2. Go Digital - One way to make sure employees are connecting with your open enrollment messaging is to go digital.  Use available platforms to keep employees updated about benefit education resources and events and to provide reminders about open enrollment deadlines.  Sending information through email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites is an effective way to increase the reach of your message and provide employees with multiple touches about open enrollment.
  3. Use Incentives - Who doesn’t love free food or the chance to win a gift card?  Rewarding employees can be a great way to increase involvement and education. Motivate your team with free lunch and prizes at open enrollment meetings or drawings for making benefit selections by a certain date.   Ask your broker to bring prizes and giveaways to your open enrollment meeting; they are often happy to provide what you need.
  4. Host An Onsite Flu Clinic - According to the CDC, the flu costs businesses $10.4 billion each season.  In 2017, the workplace was the third most common location where individuals received flu shots.  Hosting a free flu clinic in conjunction with your open enrollment meeting can be a great way to engage employees during open enrollment and save your company money in direct healthcare and productivity costs.  Many pharmacies and even your healthcare broker will help you set up a flu clinic at your next open enrollment meeting.
  5. Get to Know Your Broker - Your broker can be one of your employees’ greatest resources during open enrollment.  While it is often a stressful time for them, your broker can take the confusion out of benefit selection.  They will answer questions and guide your employees in making the best choices for themselves and their loved ones.  Make employees aware of the resource they have in your broker and how to contact them.   

Berg Andonian Can Help

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Berg Andonian is a team of healthcare brokers that takes pride in helping our clients find the right coverage options for their employees.  We will gladly help you set up a flu clinic, provide incentives for your open enrollment meetings and answer questions your employees may have about benefit selection.   Call us today and let us help you make this open enrollment season a success.

Published October 9, 2018.